2019 Lodgings Finder Post

Apr. 7th, 2019 03:43 pm
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For folks not in easy driving distance of the Twin Cities, you can use this post to find roommates to share a hotel room/Airbnb with, or connect up with locals who are able to host some attendees for the weekend!

There are quite a few hotels in downtown Minneapolis that are an easy bus ride away from the Waterbury building/GPS Event Horizon Community Center. Google Maps should be able to give you the logistical lowdown on that, depending on which hotel you're looking up. Metro Transit also has your back for planning your bus route.

Many people in previous years have stayed in groups in Airbnbs near the venue, which has worked out well, and we highly recommend! While we'll leave actual rental & group organization up to you, we definitely encourage you to use this option. :)

Locals, if you have some guest rooms or couch space you're able to spare, please post to let folks know! Any space available at an individual's home is at their discretion, of course.

Podfication 2019 FAQ

Apr. 7th, 2019 02:42 pm
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What is Podfication?
An informal, two day convention for podfic creators and listeners! Join us in Minneapolis for hanging out, discussion, and recording.

When and where will it happen?
October 19th & 20th, 2019 at the Geek Partnership Society's Event Horizon community center, rooms 106 & 107 within the Waterbury Building which is large, red and hard to miss. (1121 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413)

Where can I stay if this isn't at a hotel?
The Event Horizon center is a convenient bus ride from downtown Minneapolis, which has many hotels. There may also be locals who can accommodate a few people, at their discretion. We encourage finding roommates and renting some local Airbnb's within walking distance of the venue, which has worked out wonderfully in past years! Visit the Lodgings Finder post to connect with people looking for roommates for the weekend.

What's the Event Horizon center like?
We have access to three rooms, one that has some comfy couch seating for hanging out and chatting, one for recording that's as sound isolated as is possible, and one for panels. We also have access to a small kitchenette. Public restrooms are just down the hall and parking is free.

I have a question about accessibility.
We want to accommodate any accessibility needs that we can. You can find our accessibility guide here. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Do I have to be over 18 to attend?
Yes, since discussions can be of a mature nature, we ask that attendees are 18 years of age or older. Children under age 1 are welcome in the con space as long as they are attended by their parent/guardian.

Who's running this show?
[personal profile] revolutionaryjo and [personal profile] bessyboo are your co-conchairs, but it takes a village. If you're interested in helping us staff this thing believe us we're interested in your help. Get in touch. If you're not up for that much responsibility, but still want to help we'll be calling for volunteers closer to October. Keep an eye out!

How do I register?
You can register using a variety of payment types here for $50.00 + $3.08 Eventbrite fee (USD). This is an unavoidable increase over prior years due to increasing costs associated with our venue. Everybody wants to live in NE Minneapolis, what can I tell you.

Can I purchase a supporting membership or donate?
We don't have a lot to offer you beyond endless thanks, but we'll happily mail you a copy of the programming guide after the convention if you chip in at least $25.00 USD. The best means of payment is via PayPal to podfication at gmail dot com. (If you'd like us to mail you that programming guide, please include your postal address in the notes!) If PayPal is a no-go, reach out and we'll figure out another way.

Do you have a scholarship program I can donate to?
You are a world class human being, friend. If you'd like to donate to cover the cost of registration for someone, the best way is to PayPal $50 per donated registration to podfication at gmail dot com. Be sure to note for us that what you're sending is a scholarship, or we'll assume it to be a general donation. If you can't do PayPal, reach out to us and we'll figure another way.

Do you have a scholarship program I can apply for?
Hopefully! We'll make a post here as soon as any scholarship donations are received for folks to claim via screened comment, along with more details.

More questions?
We'll be periodically updating this community as time goes on with more information. In the meantime, if you want to ask us a question directly, send over an email (podfication at gmail), a tweet (@podfication), an ask at podfication.tumblr.com, or drop us a comment here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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