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I use this journal for posting my podfics.

All of these stories have been recorded with permission from the wonderful authors. If you discover a story through one of these podfics and enjoy it, please let the author know.

Note: If you are an author who is comfortable having your fic recorded, please consider adding your name to the blanket podfic permission list. (Or leave a comment at this post and I or someone else will add you to the fanlore list.)

All the Other Ghosts Kurt/Blaine, 33 hours 45 min (read with [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight)
Wherever You Are, Kurt/Blaine, 1 hour 28 min (read with guest voices by [personal profile] pene)
Step by Step Kurt/Blaine, 1 hour 20 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins)
On the Line, Kurt/Blaine, 1 hour 17 min (read with [personal profile] bessyboo and [personal profile] jenepod)
Mixed Media, Kurt/Blaine, 1 hour 1 min (read with a full cast—I have a minor role but I coordinated the project!)
Opening Doors: Five 'Missing' Scenes From Glee 4x14, Kurt/Blaine, 59 min (read with [personal profile] anna_unfolding)
Soon Enough, Kurt/Blaine, 42 min
The Doctor Is In, Rachel/Quinn, 41 min (read with [archiveofourown.org profile] jarrow and [personal profile] exmanhater)
Sweet Nothings, Kurt/Blaine, 27 min
Coach Hummel, Kurt/Blaine, 23 min
Hold, Kurt/Blaine, 23 min
Life is a B Movie (The Falling Is Like This Remix), Rachel/Quinn, 22 min
Like a Girl Changes Clothes, girl!Kurt/girl!Blaine, 20 min
The Shame was on the Other Side, Blaine + Sam, 17 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins)
the call of the nightbird, Kurt/Blaine, 15 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins)
Love is Waiting, Kurt/Blaine, 13 min
Misnomer, Ryder/Unique, 13 min
Getting Started, Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Adam, 13 min
A story set in modern times, about something that's so much older, Kurt/Blaine, 10 min
Anger Management, Kurt/Blaine, 10 min
A Second First Date, Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Adam, 10 min
(Not) Afraid, Ryder/Unique, 10 min
An Affair to Remember, Kurt/Blaine, 8 min (read with [archiveofourown.org profile] Izbit and [archiveofourown.org profile] likeasouffle)
Give and Take, Kurt/Blaine, 8 min
Rending, Kurt/Blaine, 7 min
In Limine, Kurt/Blaine, 7 min
Feeling is First, Santana/Brittany, 6 min (read with [personal profile] sophinisba)
The City (The One) That Knows How, Tina, 6 min
Freezing, Blaine/terrible choices, 4 min

The Anatomy of a Fall Frank/Gerard, 13 hours 2 min
Forever, Now Frank/Gerard pre-slash, 9 hours 17 min
Tell Me to Stop Brendon/Spencer, 3 hour 27 min
This Never Happened Frank/Gerard, 3 hours 5 min
A Guided Tour of the October Country, Frank/Gerard, 48 min.
As Mine See it and Beholder, Frank/Gerard, 19 + 24 (total 43) min.
Life on the Fashion Scene, Gen, 39 min.
This Might Get Messy, Kids Frank/Gerard, 13 min
Outside the Rules, Gen, 11 min (AI8 crossover, read with [livejournal.com profile] shiningartifact)
Feeling a Moment, Frank/Gerard, 11 min.
...Okay, So It's the Same Galaxy, a Couple Years Off, Frank/Gerard, 8 min.
Provisions, Gen, 6 min.
Go West, Young Ladies, Gen, 6 min (read with [livejournal.com profile] shiningartifact)

Building Jerusalem (Directions Not Included) Book One, Kris/Adam/Katy, 3 hours 45 min (+ 53 bonus minutes from Book Two)
Far Along This Road, Kris/Adam, 2 hours 54 min
Paper Gangsta, Kris/Adam, 1 hour 36 min.
All These Things That I've Done, Kris/Adam, 1 hour 35 min
Just One Sheep, Kris/Adam, 53 min
Take What We Want and Give the Rest Away, Kris/Adam, 47 min
Concessions, Kris/Adam, 36 min (read with [archiveofourown.org profile] opalsong)
Everything All the Time, Kris/Adam, 33 min
Hiding In Plain Sight, Kris/Adam, 18 min
Synaesthesia, Kris/Adam, 14 min (read with [archiveofourown.org profile] opalsong)
Tequila Cake, Kris/Jim Cantiello, 12 min (read with [personal profile] bessyboo)
Sugar and Spice, Kris/Adam, 11 min
Two Beer Queer, Adam/Matt, 5 min
Untitled Katelyn/Lilly Drabble, Katelyn Epperly/Lilly Scott, 2 min

you make my heart beat (faster), girl!Derek/girl!Stiles, 28 min
Lumberjack!Derek Notfic, Derek/Stiles, 8 min (read with the Informal Co-podfic Co-party of Muskrat Jamboree 2013)
Teen Wolf Coffee Orders, Gen, 7 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins)
Voicing My Concerns, Derek/Stiles, 4 min (read with [personal profile] bessyboo)

A Strange New Story Every Time, Veronica/Logan, 2 hours 1 min (read with [personal profile] swiiftly and [personal profile] were_duck)
Rich Dirt, Veronica/Logan, 25 min

You do not have to walk on your knees, Emma/Regina, 1 hour 26 min

Lost History: Captain America Edition, Gen or Steve/Bucky, 47 min (created with [archiveofourown.org profile] reena_jenkins, [archiveofourown.org profile] pryxis, & [archiveofourown.org profile] Firefox)

Prelude to a Monologue on an Assyrian Obelisk, Gen, 33 min (read with [personal profile] were_duck)

I and Love and You, Karma/Amy, 32 min (read with [personal profile] swiiftly)

When Fics Take on a Life of Their Own, Gen, 29 min (read with [personal profile] podcath)

The Tough Guide To Fantasy Cities, Gen, 19 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins and [archiveofourown.org profile] Wesle)

a distinct lack of tutus, Amy/Rosa, 18 min (read with Pacificon 2014 podficcers)

Bridges you didn't know you crossed, Glinda + Elphaba, 19 min (read with [personal profile] reena_jenkins and [archiveofourown.org profile] jelazakazone)
Me Without You Is Less Than None, Glinda/Elphaba, 4 min

Give Me Back My Pieces, Hannah/Bright, 13 min

In Practice, Sherlock and Joan, 12 min

We Don't Notice Time Pass, Gen, 12 min

The Discovery of the Platypus in His Natural Habitat, Gen, 8 min (read with [personal profile] anna_unfolding)

Nashville: Nocturne Andante, Juliette, 10 min
Community: we're anything but unremarkable, Annie/Britta, 9 min (read with [personal profile] bessyboo)
Daria: Cold and Hot, Daria/Jane, 7 min
The Fosters: Papayas, Callie/Brandon, 7 min
Nemeses (song): Jasmine's Nemesis, Jasmine + Mona, 7 min
Lilo and Stitch: all your heart-melodies, 7 min (read with [personal profile] were_duck
Frozen: I Will Be Right Here, Anna + Elsa, 6 min
The Good Wife: This Is Why, Kalinda, 5 min
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: American Girls, Buffy, 3 min
Into the Woods: Ever After, Red, 3 min
Paper Towns: Out of Orbit, Margo, 2 min
Brave: Arktos, The Witch, 2 min
Harry Potter: Blow Me Bluebell Bubbles, Alice Longbottom, 2 min
The Hunger Games: Trust, Rue, 1 min

Glee: The One Where Blaine Gets Slushied, Kurt/Blaine, 5 min
Harry Potter: Sunset, Harry/Draco, 3 min
Harry Potter: In Favor, Harry/Draco, 3 min
Harry Potter: Untitled Stocking Stuffer, Harry/Draco, 4 min
Harry Potter: Untitled Steampunk Harry/Draco Wingfic, Harry/Draco, 8 min

Bandom Podfic Master Lists: MCR P!atD
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Post updated on 5/17/16

Usufruct — Fully recorded, part 1 posted, part 2 in editing.
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I participated in the #informaltwitterpodficexchange this holiday season, and my recipient was [profile] littleroo27. I wasn't sure how much time I was going to have, so I decided to choose a few different tiny ficlets to record as discrete units. These ficlets kept *almost* fitting a pattern (4 were Harry/Draco, 3 or 4 involved kissing, 2 were based on pieces of fanart, etc.) but there was no one thing that was true of all five, so I threw up my hands and named the compilation accordingly, and then [personal profile] bessyboo gave me lovely cover art to put on the front. So, without further ado, I present:

Authors: [personal profile] twentysomething, [livejournal.com profile] melusinahp, [personal profile] anna_unfolding, Aja, and [personal profile] laliandra
Total length: 23:58
(Direct download | Mediafire download)

It consists of the following five podficlets--1 Glee, 4 Harry Potter )
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This is one of two masterlists I keep of bandom podfic. This is all the MCR podfic that I know of. I keep an eye in a lot of places, but if you see something I've missed, please let me know via comment or PM. Most of these podfics are also available at jinjurly's archive, which is more searchable and tbh now that it's updated this list is a bit obsolete. But HERE IT IS ANYWAY FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE.

Links to podbook (m4b) versions, when not included in the reader's initial post, are in superscript following the story title.

List last updated: 8/16/12

The List )

Total: 352 hours, 26 minutes, 2 seconds

Other lists:
All Panic podfic
All American Idol podfic
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Title: Give and Take (Join [livejournal.com profile] missbwrites for access)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] miss_begonia
Reader: klb ([livejournal.com profile] podklb)
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG
Length: 0:07:51

Direct link to Give and Take mp3: Here (right-click save to download)
Mediafire link to Give and Take mp3: Here

Reader's Note: This is possibly the most difficult podfic I've ever made. For whatever reason, it took forever to get it the way I wanted—I had to record six different takes, and I've spent well over an hour in editing for each minute of completed podfic. I've been telling people that this podfic is made of 80% sweat and tears at this point, and I'm thrilled to be posting largely because that means I have won this great weekend-long battle. (A lot of the credit for that goes to [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, who stepped in as emergency beta this afternoon and helped immeasurably.)

That said, I'm actually really happy with the final product. [livejournal.com profile] miss_begonia's Kurt/Blaine and Darren/Chris stories were what first got me hooked on this pairing, which I have been head over heels for ever since. This little story is full of love and sweetness, and I am thrilled to have given voice to it. Enjoy!
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Title: Building Jerusalem (Directions Not Included) - Book 1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] amproof
Readers: [livejournal.com profile] podklb, [livejournal.com profile] poppetawoppet, [livejournal.com profile] shiningartifact
Fandoms: American Idol S8, NCIS
Pairings: Kris/Katy, Kris/Adam, Kris/Adam/Katy, Adam/Drake
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3:45:48
Summary: The Washington D.C. tour stop goes horribly wrong when Kris and Adam are involved in an altercation with three off-duty sailors that ends with one dead, Adam hanging onto life by a thread, and Kris accused of murder. A novel of love, desire, redemption, regret, and denial--not necessarily in that order.
Mediafire mp3 links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

About this podfic: The first time I read this story, I stayed up all night finishing it. It was just such a vivid and interesting portrayal of prison. It was claustrophobic and intense and awful and totally wonderful. Somebody else had already asked to podfic it, but I told [personal profile] amproof that if there was ever a way I could get to do any part of it, I would jump at the chance. And to my delight, a couple weeks later she emailed saying she was thinking of doing it as a multi-reader podfic, and she wanted me as Kris. Which is my favorite of the POVs, because that's where all the really serious prison stuff happens. So I was very pleased.

Three voices, four hours, one story. Yay!

SUPER MEGA BONUS ETA: The first five scenes of Book 2. Please note that there is no intention to record the rest of Book 2 or Book 3, but the text can be found here (locked community with open membership; join to read).

Direct mp3 link to Book 2 first 5 scenes: Here (right-click save to download)
Mediafire mp3 link to Book 2 first 5 scenes: Here
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